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Below is a listing of just some of the products we are working on. In the future this page will contain
a more comprehensive list of all our products.

 Lobster Products (Fresh & Frozen): Size of pak Bag Master Carton
 Fresh Claw & Kunckle (CK) 1 lb Bag
 Fresh Claw & Kunckle (CK) 2 lb bag
 Fresh Claw-knuckle-Leg (CKL) 1lb Bag
 Fresh Claw-knuckle-Leg (CKL) 2 lb Bag
 Fresh Broken Lobster Meat (B) 1 lb Bag
 Fresh Broken Lobster Meat (B) 2 lb Bag
 Fresh Legs (L) 1 lbs Bag
 Fresh Legs (L) 2 lbs Bag
 Fresh Tail meat  (T) 1 lb Bag
 Fresh Tail meat  (T) 2 lb Bag
 Fresh Mince meat (M) 1 lb Bag
 Fresh Mince meat (M) 2 lb Bag

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