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Fishermen’s Premium Atlantic Lobster Inc. has created a marketing video, to help our valued customers and community members better understand our company and learn more about the trusted lobstermen we work closely with. Fishermen’s Premium Atlantic Lobster believes strongly that this video shows the entire process from trap to table and how committed we are in ensuring that that process happens in a timely and efficient manner; providing our loyal consumers with FPAL’s final product - nothing but the best – top premium quality, live Nova Scotia Lobster.

Welcome to Seduced by Lobster

A division of Fishermen's Premium Atlantic Lobster Inc.

Our website is currently under construction but when it is completed we will be offering some of the very best live lobster in the world. In the meantime we would like to tell you a little about us and our way of Maritime life.

For generations, lobstermen, women and their families have grown up and lived among coastal communities and small villages scattered throughout Southwest Nova Scotia. The fog, wind, salt air and the smell of low tides are familiar to generations of lobstermen and women. Many fishermen, who have followed the traditional way of life, that their fathers and grandfathers before them lived, say that salt water runs through their veins, or that the ocean is in their blood. The life of a lobster fisherman is a tough life.  Up before dawn and out to sea in all kinds of weather conditions, the job is often dangerous and difficult. Authentic and hardworking lobster fishermen and women sustainably harvest the ocean for wild Canadian lobster, on independently owned lobster boats, in pristine picturesque villages along the eastern coast of Canada. These local harvesters use traditional fishing methods that have been unchanged for generations. Lobster fishing is a way of life and often a family affair. This family involvement of several, if not all family members, in the business of lobster, can be witnessed among ocean harbors all along the eastern seaboard.   Local employment is driven by this fishery.

Selling and buying lobster often creates a special and trusted relationship among the fishermen and the lobster dealers. This saves time and benefits both the boat owner and the dealer. An entire coastal community or village can be built upon these types of operations, providing opportunities for growth and employment for many individuals. The dealers depend on the fishermen, and the fishermen depend on the dealers.

Visit the Products & Services page for a list of some of our products.

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