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Our Mission

Fishermen’s Premium Atlantic Lobster Inc., (FPAL) is focused on one ofour major goals to help the fishermen obtain a better price for their lobsters, and to help them gain the ability to ship directly to the world-wide markets. FPAL’s main goal is to increase the trap to table process making sure that the live lobsters our company offers to our valued customers are as fresh as the North Atlantic Ocean. FPAL Company has partnered with several local harvesters who sell their wild caught, fresh lobster catches to FPAL on a daily basis. FPAL’s purchasers take the time to personally meet each and every lobstermen when they arrive home to their wharves with their daily catch, to ensure only the freshest caught, high quality lobsters are taken for processing. ¬†Once the lobster reaches the FPAL facility, it further goes through a strenuous quality assurance process, making sure that only the freshest, highest quality and most premium live lobster is distributed to our valued customers.¬† The end result is nothing short of perfection each and every time!

The trusted relationship between FPAL and the lobstermen promotes a sustainable lobster fishing industry and is closely tied to our communities.


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